* All our au pairs are already in the UK – which means you get to meet them before you decide.
* They all have experience of being an au pair or something similar – which means communication will be easy.
* We interview them before you do – that way you don’t waste your time with unsuitable girls.
* We have lots of different au pairs to suit all types of situations.
Well an Au Pair can start by helping your kids get ready for school. She may from time to time prepare breakfast. After breakfast, she’ll take them to school, then return home to do some tidying up. You may want her to pick the kids up from school and prepare them tea. After tea, the Au Pair might supervise them doing homework or perhaps play with them until you return home. During their homework, she may take care of the ironing or washing. And finaly you may want to spend an evening out away from the kids, so she’ll perform babysitting duties.
No, as long as you do not exceed their overall working hours.
No, as long as their working hours are not exceeded. However some families help with things like, gym memberships, language courses etc. although there are considered as “perks” and not essential.
Yes, mother’s and father’s alike.
The Au Pair should be considered your “extended” family which is why we take care in selecting sutiable Au Pair’s that will fit into your family lifestyle. So as a family member you are responsible for their general wellbeing, as well as providing a room with board.
Our aim is to provide you with an au pair that say that they are able to commit for at least a year. Whilist we can’t guarantee their length of stay, many of au pairs are prepared to stay longer. With our Platinum Plus membership; we are now able to offer you a replacement if the au pair leaves within 10 months.
Our costs are probably one of the most favourable. Check out our exclusive discounts.
Absolutely, this can be a perfect situation for a lot of Au Pairs. As it usually gives them a little more time for studying plus it usually means regular conversations in English.
We cover all of London.