Terms & Conditions

In this document “Hampstead au Pair Agency” shall be referred to as “the agency”. The “Host Family” shall be referred to as “the family”.
i) If registering online, filling the online Registration Form constitutes confirmation of acceptance of the agency’s Terms & Conditions. If registering by phone, then payment of the appropriate fee confirms acceptance of the agency’s Terms and Conditions.
ii) All records, documents and information submitted will be treated as confidential and remain property of the agency. Any documents sent to you regarding an Au Pair are confidential. The passing on of these documents to another potential employer renders the client liable for the payment of the agency Fee. All unwanted documents must be returned to the agency.
iii) We offer the family seven major services;
a) “Temporary Au Pair service” b) ” Short Term Au Pair service” c) ” Medium Term Au Pair service ”
d) “Gold Service” formerly known and addressed as “Standard Service”
e) “Platinum Membership “service formerly known and addressed as “Loyalty Membership Service”
f) “Platinum Plus Membership” service
g) “Diamond First Option Membership”
iv) A Family becomes a client when they have selected one of the memberships offered and paid any appropriate fee.
With the Gold membership, the deposit is valid for three months and is non refundable. If the family chooses Platinum, Platinum plus or Diamond First Option membership, but for any reason does not take an au pair from the agency, there are no refunds but the membership fees may be used as payment towards future introductions within five years although there will be a £50 administration fee payable beforehand.
Extended Cover: At the agency’s discretion, A family may be given an option to extend the cover period offered by the agency. The Platinum Plus membership already includes the extended cover at a discounted rate. Extended cover is non transferable and lasts the entire period, meaning that the family may have more than one replacement (up to 3 max) should the need arise. If the Extended Cover was taken but no replacement was necessary, then the family will receive a £50 discount off their next membership.
v) Hampstead Au Pair Agency acts as an agent solely for the purpose of effecting introductions between Families and Au Pair candidates. Any fees charged are solely for introductions and/or the work associated with gaining those introductions.
vi) Payments are only accepted via debit or credit cards. Any payments due are automatically taken from the registered credit/debit card on the due date. If you wish to use an alternative card, details should be provided no less than 3 working days before the due date. It is the Family’s responsibility to ensure there are sufficient funds available. Late payment fees will be charged at £25 per week applicable from the payment due date to cover the administration and time costs associated with collection of Late Payments.
vii) An au pair will be considered as “started”, once the agency has confirmed as such by email. Irrespective of the reason (subject to clause ix below); Should the Au Pair leave within the first month for the Gold membership or within two months for the Platinum membership or within ten months for the Platinum Plus membership, then the agency will look for a free like for like replacement. On Medium term placements this period is two weeks. On temporary and short term placements this period is 1 week. Any termination or cancellation by the family will initiate the replacement period as stated above.
viii) IMPORTANT NOTE: Any offer of a replacement by the agency must be taken up within four weeks by the family and thus cannot be transferred to a future date. If not taken, the offer is withdrawn. Please note that the agency does not offer refunds, only replacements (where applicable).
ix) There will be no free replacement should there be reasonable grounds to believe that the Au Pair’s working conditions and/or the way the family treated the Au Pair were unsatisfactory (Hampstead Au Pair Agency’s decision will be final in this respect) or should there be a record of several unsuccessful placements in the family.
x) The Family is responsible for board, accommodating and for giving the weekly pocket money to the Au Pair as confirmed to the Agency and Au Pair. The Family must behave according to the agency’s guidelines such as working hours, days off, duties, pocket money, etc. The Family is responsible for what they write in the Letter of Acceptance and their Family Registration Form. It is the responsibility of the family to protect the Au Pair in their care from accident and illnesses by means of comprehensive home insurance.
xi) In the event of termination of the placement agreement by the family, the agency must be notified by email giving reasons for the termination and a two week notice period must be given to the Au Pair. It is the family’s responsibility to provide accommodation during this period if required by the Au Pair. The Au Pair should carry on their duties and should be paid their regular fee. In the event of termination, it is extremely important that the agency can talk to the Au Pair before she leaves the family. The agency can refuse to offer a replacement (where applicable) if this is not possible.
xiii) The agency cannot be held responsible for damage, delay, loss or injury on the part of either the family or the Au Pair arising out of any introduction or advert, nor can the agency be held responsible for any discrepancies in the history, characters, age, capability, references of either the family or the Au Pair.
xiv) The agency reserves the right at its absolute discretion to reject the family or Au Pair during the application process.
xv) The agency reserves the right to use its discretion in any situation not covered in this document.
xvi) The Family and au pair confirms that they have read and agreed to abide by the Terms & Conditions.
xvii) Any contract between the agency and the Family or au pair is subject to the Law of England and Wales and all disputes arising out of any such contract shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.