New IGNITE Membership for Covid and Brexit


The childcare industry has been ravaged by recent events.  Some families have been lucky, where they’ve managed to keep their existing au pair or nanny.  Others less so, where the au pair has been scared senseless as to what would happen if they remained au pairs, and didn’t return back to their home country.  Parents have been put in a position where the only answer to reasonable childcare is to do it themselves, and put everything else in second place.

Whilst the fallout from Covid still continues, the way forward is much clearer than it was in March earlier this year,  We must get back to normal as soon as possible, before our livelihoods and way of life get irreversibly damaged.

Prior to Brexit, the industry was overpopulated with au pair agencies. Families had lots of choice, and there were plenty of au pairs coming to try life in the UK.  The vote for Brexit quickly changed that, as phase 1 of Project Fear (hyped by the media), reduced the au pair demographic by 80%.  The childcare industry were not the only ones affected, incoming foreign nurses dropped by 82% as well.

Now with Covid-19 banging on the door, the childcare industry has been decimated even further.  The majority of au pair agencies have had no option but to close their doors, as there were very few au pairs coming to the UK.  Fortunately at Hampstead Au Pair Agency, we’re not reliant on au pairs coming from abroad, as all our au pairs are already in the UK.  Through our extensive network, coupled with very specific targeted advertising, we are able to provide a range of au pairs to suit most families childcare requirements.  Which is why we’ve remained open throughout the pandemic, making placements and serving our customers needs.


The problem for families though isn’t just the lack of au pairs, it’s the uncertainty behind their work schedule, what childcare is required and future affordability.  So we’ve engineered a solution to make getting your next au pair an easier choice.  We call it, the IGNITE membership. It’s main focus is to reignite the childcare industry by providing families like you total flexibility, whilst keeping the costs down.


We  do it in two ways…

First, the successful candidate will have an extending two month au pair contract, which adjusts as your needs change.  You can keep extending the contract for two months at a time, or if your situation changes so you no longer need an au pair, it can be terminated.

Secondly, you only pay us according to how long you’ve kept the au pair, reducing your agency costs.

To start things off, we go through a profile building exercise as to your needs and the kind of au pair you are looking for.  We’ll do the initial qualification and video interviews and pass on the successful candidates.

To find out more, call us now on 020 7435 0200 or

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We’re open until 9pm.

This amazing offer runs until Friday 30th October 2020.


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